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Human Resource Services South Africa

Human Resource Services South Africa

Services Offered by EduLetu

1. Contracted Personnel and Temporary Staff

Contracted Staff: Bring on employees for short or long term contract as per the requirements of your organization. We manage the employee’s from start to finish. We are able to send specialist trade artisans locally and offshore.
Temporary Placements: Staff are often required for short periods of time to fill in for your permanent employee’s while sick, on leave or off on maternity leave.
Payroll Administration: We offer a full service payroll administration package to small and large organizations. This includes options of access control systems which integrate with our payroll management system

2. Stock Taking

We understand the importance and necessity of a good stock take that is why we only make use of qualified and experienced staff that caters for all your stock take needs be it monthly quarterly or on an annual basis, our professional teams are highly sort after, ensuring you get an accurate stock count . they are well trained on manual as well as on electronic scanners

3. Permanent Placements and recruitment services

Permanent Placements: Use a specialist recruitment agency to advertise; source; screen and interview the right candidates for your organization.

Executive Search: Through our expert knowledge of various industries and well developed network, we are able to source and attract top level management for specific client requirements.

Advertisement Response Handling: Often advertising for positions can yield an over whelming response. Allow our team to screen sort and batch your response to suite your needs.

Assessment and Selection: The interview process can be very time consuming. Our recruitment specialists will interview and assess on your behalf. Through their expert knowledge and understanding of client requirements, they will select the right candidates for final interview.

Our database is extensive and encompasses a wide variety of personnel. Please send through any requests you may have and one of our specialist consultants will find the placement to match your operational requirements.

4. HR/IR and Legal

We offer advice and service for all your labour relations and disciplinary action requirements. This includes managing of individual and collective disputes, counseling and grievances. We are able to implement training programs and inductions for personnel and management.

5. Security

Access Control and Security Personnel : Use our highly qualified personnel to monitor all access points and perimeters, effectively stopping illegal access to your property we are commitment to the highest level of effective corporate, business and factory security.
Investigations and Stock Control : We use highly qualified personnel to work under cover to assist with stock theft and identifying areas that require specialised attention.
Credit and Criminal Checks: Make sure the staff you require are credit worthy and clear of any criminal charges.
Qualification Verification: We will assist in verifying all qualifications are legitimate and criminal clearance


We focus on training programmes from various Education and Training Authorities, with our primary accreditation with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA).

Training Services: Our training services are divided into the following categories:

• Construction
• Plant operator training
• Plant operator assessment and renewals
• Environmental Awareness
• Management
• Soft Skills
• Maritime Training
• Lifting Equipment:
• Occupational Health and Safety

We are also able to tailor make training to suit your requirements

7. Time and attendance access control

Time and attendance access control: Use state of the art access control systems to manage and monitor staff: absenteeism; late arrivals and short hours worked. Easily integrated with payroll administration to avoid lengthy manual clock ins.

8. Payroll and benefits administration

Manage and administer your full payroll requirement. Administer the benefits, generate reports as per management requirements. We can offer administration of medical aid, retirement funds and garnishees\

9. Cleaning Services

We offer a full spectrum of cleaning services for your requirements. You decide on the extent of the service. We can have full teams with equipment or it can be broken down to a specific detail for each month. Discuss this with one of our agents who will assist with a quotation